HerWorld Energy Conference

On March 7 and 8, I attended the HerWorld Energy Conference along with nine female co-workers. The following was taken from the website for the event.

“HerWorld is proud to boast the contribution of women and minorities in energy. Seeing is believing. For us it’s not about talking about diversity, it’s about socializing energy by tapping the diverse faces and voices in our industry. Since the forum’s inception, our focus has been to put a focus on reverse-representation. Most industry events include 95%+ male speakers. HerWorld reverses that and does better. We include women and minorities in our panels and keynotes (on average 85%) and have over 20% male attendees.”

Before going to the conference some male co-workers inquired if I thought I would stick out and might feel awkward. At the conference, a co-attendee mentioned, I was out numbered as she estimated there was about 10% males in attendance. To all, I explained for over 25 years I have been using a guide dog, so sticking out is common place for me.

I am happy to report that Subi and I enjoyed the conference. The crowd was full of much energy, while celebrating the accomplishments and learning from many impressive speakers, including Board members, CEOs, VPs and others…never mind most were women.

See if you can find Mike and Subi in the photo sent on International Women’s Day by Katie Mehnert, Founder CEO Pink Petro & Experience Energy. I also challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Mike, Subi, and co-workers Pose in front of the PinkPetro sponsored culture wall at the HerWorld conference.
Anadarko HerWorld Attendees

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