Belly Flops

Over 100 of my Anadarko co-workers who attended a Lunch & Learn where me and my family presented our experiences while using a guide dog and raising a puppy-in-training for a guide dog school were given a bag of Belly Flops. It took over 25 pounds of Belly Flops to create the individual bags. About now, you are probably asking yourself, why all the jelly beans?

In the following video, in an attempt to pass along a life lesson to Taylor and Eric, I explain: some similarities between the Belly Flops and the 2019 Adaptive Water Ski Team and how celebrating others differences relates to Anadarko’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Subi’s sits by her bowl that has bags full of Belly Flops.Subi wonders what all the jelly beans are doing in her bowl. Her bowl has bags full of Belly Flops that have a card attached tied with a red, white, and blue ribbon. The card lists the following four links:

You can go order your own bag of Belly Flops from

To have us come talk to your organization you can email me at

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