Special Thanks

Finally, finally, finally…It took me 20 years to make a team that will represent the United States at an international competition. Putting this site together reminded me of the many people that have helped me along the way. A Special thank you goes out to my family and friends for putting up with my never ending need to compete.

As you click through the other pages on this site, you can put some names with faces. For now, let me say thank you to:

My wife Wendy and children Taylor and Eric for all the time spent in the boat and at tournaments.

My sisters Brenda Wander and Angie Miller. It was great having you and your families in Louisiana on July 4 when I broke the world record for the second time.

My parents, Bill and Betty Abell. Mom for always being there for me. Bill for all the miles. Know that all the volunteering you are doing for the United states Association of Blind Athletes, now that you live in Colorado Springs, is appreciated and does make a difference in blind athletes lives.

Bill and Denise Bowness. You guys pop up on many pages and I cannot wait to see how we do in France.

My late father, Marvin Royal, who got me started skiing so many years ago.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed walking down memory lane putting it together.

Mike skiing on his 9900 at the Terramare Ski Lakes on July 25th
Photo courtsey of Kelvin Kelm, www.sportpixusa.net, (c) 2009

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